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Rex Wretched's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Rex Wretched

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Damn I have done a lot [07 Apr 2004|03:47pm]
(_) never have been drunk
(_) never smoked pot
(_) never did acid
(_) never kissed a member of the opposite sex
(_) never kissed a member of the same sex
(_) never crashed a friend's car
(_) never been to japan
(_) never rode in a taxi
(_) never had anal sex
(_) never have been in love
(_) never had sex
(_) never have had sex in public
(_) never have been sexual in public
(_) never been dumped
(_) never shoplifted
(_) never have been fired
(_) never been in a fist fight
(_) never had a threesome
(x) never snuck out of my parents house
(_) never been tied up (sexually)
(_) never been caught masturbating
(_) never pissed on myself
(x) never had sex with a member of the same sex
(_) never been arrested
(_) never made out with a stranger
(_) never stole something from my job
(_) never celebrated new year's in times square
(_) never went on a blind date
(_) never lied to a friend
(_) never had a crush on a teacher
(x) never celebrated mardi gras in new orleans
(_) never been to europe
(_) never skipped school
(_) never slept with a co-worker
(_) never cut myself on purpose
(x) never had sex at the office
(x) never been married
(x) never been divorced
(x) never been photographed nude
(_) never got someone drunk just to have sex with them
(_) never had sex with more than one person in a week
(_) never made out with more than one person in a night
(x) never had sex with more than one person in 24 hours
(_) never had sex with someone whose name i did not know
(_) never rode a train
(_) never been on a plane
(x) never have thrown up in a bar
(x) never paid for sex
(_) never danced in front of people in my underwear and suspenders
(_) never use all capitals if I can help it.
(_) never flashed my tits/bits at a party.
(x) never willingly harmed an animal.
(x) never tried to steal a friend's girlfriend/boyfriend.
(x) never killed anyone.
(_) never thought of killing anyone
(x) never played videogames so much that I suffered the infamous "Sega Thumb".
(_) never suffer in silence
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[09 Mar 2004|05:52am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I need to meet new people in Arizona Im not even kidding. I went away for a few months and now everyone is fucking gone. We hit up downtown and 4th ave tonight and everything is different. Double Zero is gone. An industrial goth kind of club now? Give me a fucking break. Guidos is gone. I wanted to see Robert I haven't seen my Tucson boys in so long. And now Guidos is gone. Marty and Juan.. what happened to them???? That mexican place is gone.

This is depressing. Im drunk. Fuck tucson.

Nothing good coming up.. except Jasper and Drew and the boys will be in Phoenix on the 15th.......... maybe thats what I need. I just need to party HARD. I havent touched any kind of white in over two months. oh and I get to see Mark and Jake and Rick on the 19th. By the way AZ kids go to these two shows. And look for me. This is the only thing im looking forward to anymore.

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[08 Mar 2004|08:39pm]
Well Well Well. Long time no update eh??

I dont have much time to type, hitting up the town tonight with Joey and Dave. But if anyone is wondering what I have been up to:
Jenna and I broke up. It just wasnt happening.
I was dating this chick from NJ for a bit. WHich is why I havent been in AZ or near computers. I spent so much money flying out to see that bitch. YES BITCH, she cheated on me................. LOTS! so yeah That ended.
Saw X a few weeks back. Kicked it with them, amazing show!!
Chris and I went to cali to see SUbhumans.
Ummm Went to the CHeap sex show in tempe a few weeks ago. It was good shit. I hadn't seen Mike in a while and it was nice to catch up with him. We drank jager all day and made fun of how young and retarded looking everyone in Az seems to be.
Virus and Unseen are playing soon. I haven't seen my boys from the Virus since last time they were in Az, which was back in August. Im looking forward to that. talked to Jarrod though and apparently he quit. SUcks. Oh well right? Last Virus tour anyways or so Drew tells me

Alright guys. Thats about it. I need to get up to date on this az scene shit... aparently phpenix blew the fuck up while I was gona hahaha!
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[26 Sep 2002|08:35pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]


Ok um now that that's through. Jesus for real though what the fuck. I hat ethis livejournal shit. Fuck it. SO now im so pissed off I dont even WANT TO FUCkING WRITE.

Who the fuck on my list is going to Menace In LA? Cause im planning on makin an appearance if Brad and Matt wanna go. I think they do.

fuck this shit it';s survey time.

Real Name: Rex ..Yes that is my REAL name
Age: 22.
Age you wish you were: I miss being young. 16 or 17
Occupation: Zia Record Store. it fuckin sucks.

Hair color: Half green and half black.
Eye color: black
How many times have you dyed your hair?: um a lot
What colour(s)?: blue yellow red orange green brown black purple pink um seriously every single color that could ever exist.
Ever worn eye colour changing contacts?: hahaha no
Favorite body part: TITS!!!!! hee hee :)
Body part people compliment the most: My face if that counts? But I think Im fucking ugly. People NEED to be commentin on my JUNK more often ya know? Haha.
Ever been told you resemble a celebrity? Stupid bitches mistaken me for like Green day and The casualties before hahaha. TUCSON IS LAME!!
Braces?: when I was younger
Ever shaved your head?: Yes.
Height: 6'3

Number of males/females kissed: Who keeps count of that shit anyways??
Number of relationships: Way too many but only ONE that counts! i Love you jenna :)
One you regret most: god don't even get me started.
Why?: Because this bitch was seriously psycho fuckin crazy and tattooed my name on her after TWO fuckin weeks. We fucked like twice and she was all in love? bitch please!
Current boyfriend/girlfriend: JENNAA!!
Longest relationship: Jenna and I have been together for almost three years now.
Favorite body part of partner: the boobies duh!!! :)
Why you're with them: Because Jenna is the most beautiful girl ever. She does everything for me and she knows her music and she beats up everyone haha.
Last person you dated: Before jenna? Tara.
Last person you kissed: Nick hahaha Don';t ask.
Are you in love?: Yes.
If you could date one person, who would it be?: my baby girl jenna of course!

Fave band: probably Riistetyt or Avskum. Maybe even Toxic narcotic.
Play an instrument?: guitar.
Ever played an instrument in front of an audience?: Yes I have had many a bands.
What concerts have you attended too Many.
First concert ever attended?:Motley Muthafucking Crue back in like 85.
How old were you?: five or six i believe.
What did you wear?: My moms got pictures of me when I met Nikki Sixx and Tommy and Mick and Vince and Im wearing one of her cut up Crue shirts and little effin converse and torn up jeans. im ALL fucking small it's crazy my hair is long and curly Haha. God my mom was such a band whore. =X
What band would you sell your soul to see?: riistetyt!!!!!
What did you listen to when you were 4?: All the great rock n roll hair metal bands of the 80s OF COURSE!
What did you listen to when you were 8?: When I was 8 these dudes up the street started gettin me into misfits and Tsol and Ramones and Vibrators And Undertones and crazy shit like that.
What did you listen to when you were 12? that's when I started to get into uk82 shit and lots of hardcore.
Best live band: i dunno.

Favorite item(s) of clothing: My black stretch jeans, red plaid Bondage creepers, My belts of course, Riistetyt shirt, my chains on my neck, and um My spiderman boxers. Thats more like favorite outfit.
Favorite clothing store: i dont know.
Favorite clothing label: my ass.
Item of clothing you want: Red stretch pants mine are all busted :( I could use new creepers too you can never have too many of those.

Fave animal: rats?? ferrets.,
Any pets?: naw.

Last movie you saw in a cinema: Goodfellas at the midnight dollar movies!
Fave movie: porno hahaha. Naw i dont know
Fave director: BLAH
Least fave movie: britney spears shit GOD that is annoying.

Haha. That actually kind of calmed me down. Im tired. I need to go pick my boys up. In other news my car windows are still broken I fucking hate those nazi fags. The nicks an I and Steve might catch a Flick in a few minutes here. If not who knows? Probably more drinking. Though i still need to clean up all the piss and puke in my bathroom it fucking reaks. I hate that stupid bitch. O yah which reminds me I had a party last night. Um I guess that is something interesting to note. Yup. The Nicks ended up bringing over rachael which is always bad news. Caryn never stopped by. Um so steve and i and Joe and Tony and Mike and Nick c and some other guys and gals who stopped by just kinda chilled around while fuckin Nick b tried to get rachael naked in my fucking room. Which I WASNT having so after an hour or so I ended up Dragging the whore out by her arm and threw her out my door. She was just giggling and shit thinking we were playing around but fuck that. After a while she started crying and My neighbors called and I had to let the dumb bitch back in so the cops wouldn't get called. Fuckin loud whore. and then she fucking goes into MY bathroom and pukes up OUR beer on MY fucking floor. I was sooo pissed. And there was absolutely nothing I could do. It was horrible. After she was done spewing her guts out she takes off her skirt and panties and fuckin kicked em out to the living room and Nick goes back and she's siitting on the toilet. Yeah well I guess she ended up sitting HALF on the toilet and pissed all over the seat and she fucking SLIPPED off the seat cause of it and layed on the floor and just pissed everywhere. GRRRRRRRRRR i fucking hate dumb bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then i just made nick b take her home. SO yeah.

That';s my once a month update. I feel like stabbing people. Fuck this im so fuckin stressed out.

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Im aliiiivveee! [19 Sep 2002|08:10pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I am horrible with updates. Jenna went home. Im bored. Tucson is extremely borin. she went to HITS and I couldnt get cash to go. I went to Defiance in Phoenix a few weeks ago. NEver made it to Virus show but i heard it wasn't very good. So I think three people on my list DID go so TELL ME HOW IT WENT!! Especially you san DIego girls, Mange, and Erika cause you commented and said you were going. I miss drew though man I havent hung out with that crazy fucker since last time I was in NJ which was almost 5 months ago. Treat my boy right girl!!!

Apparently HITS wasn't even too great. Rumors say last year was better. Well I didn't go this year but I sure as fuck did go last!!! So I guess I win and everyone who went to HITs this year that couldn't go last year LOSES! hee hee. i'm just kidding. Someone IM me because I am aways online and I am always bored. instant Message me you fucks!

oh and I want to get out of Tucson.

I have three places in mind: Chicago Boston and New York. What does everyone think? I may not have had enough money for holidays but in order to leave this hellhole behind I definitely will be motivated to save up $$$$$. I hear san Diego is such a good place to be as well. Im obviously going to be visiting. and Plus i know people in each of these places which makes it better. Well Jenna knows people in boston I know people there who don't have livejournal but I guess she talks to Steve and Lexi and such and I can see Steve and I getting along.

Can someone please tell me how to put up pictures because i am reallyt so dumb with this shit.

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neglect! This is way too long. [30 Jul 2002|12:15am]
[ mood | horny ]

I completely forgot I had this. Jenna told me to update so here we go.

Not a lot has been going on. Those nazis keep fuckin with my car and it's really god damn annoying. I've had to get new tires like 3 times this month. And I'm not even gonna worry about replacing the right side windows they broke. Not until I move atleast. What a waste of money.

Jenna is still here but I guess school starts back up in September she will be leaving sometime within the next month. Which sucks!! I dont know if any of you gotta be away from the ONE PERSON!! you love the most all damn year so if you dont then i'll tell you it is SHITTY!!!Plus my apartment has never been cleaner ha ha. I don't even know why I am stilll here in arizona it sucks.

Only good thing is that the Virus show is coming up on Saturday! Im gonna try and get it off and maybe Jenna and i can hitch a ride with Lobos cause man I hate driving to Phoenix. I have nothing else to say except i stole this from steves thing so here you go enjoy it ya fuckheads.

Name 10 bands you listen to:
Asta Kask
Court Martial
Legion OF Parasites

Name 9 things you hate:
white power and Nazi kids
Stuck up scene kids
anarchy and Rac and all that gayyy shit
Tucson Arizona!!
Not having money
Having to replace my tires THREE TIMES A FUCKING MONTH!!!!!!
Running out of beer
THe fact that Jenna lives like a MILLION miles away.
ASS KISSERS. get a fucking life!

Name 8 things you love or couldn't do without:
Records and all my music
My guitar
the few TRUE friends I have here in Tucson
Sex Hahaha

Name 7 people you could stand in your life or being friends with forever: Jenna
Nick c.
Nick B

Name 6 Movies you love:
A clockwork Orange
Evil Dead movies
White Zombie!
porn movies?
I don't know. I'm not too big on movies.

Name the last 5 places you've visited:
San Antonio texas
Phoenix arizona
Nogales Mexico

Name last 4 things you've bought or spent money on :
Taco Bell
vanilla Coke
Pepsi Blue - DONT TRY IT it's a fucking waste of money what a ripoff.

Name last 3 thoughts:
Pepsi blue fucking is so gross and it tastes like fuckin medicine!
I wonder where Jenna went she should get back to my apartment cause I am gonna fuck the shit outta her.. Hahaha.
I need to call Ed and set up my next appointment to get my new Ink colored

Last 2 things you've ate:
Taco Bell nachos bell grande
and Steak Supreme chalupas

Last person you've talked to on aim:
Nick b

Person who rules the most:
ME Hahaha.. Or jenna :)

OH and before I forget I totally forgot that Jenna met my friend Rachael and I guess stupid fucking people from TUCSON *cough cough* have been STILL tellin jenna I was fuckin around wit this chick. And before she even told ME about what was gonna go down next thing I know shes got her against a wall and i guess earlier Jenna was talking to her when I was makin sure Amber was ok cause she was pukin everywhere. I guess Jenna asked her straight up if she had anything for me like the hots or whatever and Rachael was just like getting all defensive like Jenna was braggin and it was pissing her off and so said that she wanted me. Then she starts goin off on how we fucked when Jenna was back in ohio which is BULLSHIT!! I guess thats when Jenna Lost it and she threw her into the wall and had her by the throat with her knife.

GIRLS ARE CRAZY!!!! Why is my girlfriend so tough? Dude it's obvious i would never cheat on her if i did I would be the one up against that wall with that knife to my throat.Trust me I know Jenna and I am smart enough to NOT fuck her over. Jenna is CRAZY! And fuckin with her is like suicide..I of anyone should know! Rachael should fucking know that, too. I should have listened to everyone when they said she was bad news.

FUCK IT THO.. Slag can fuckin dream all she wants but im in love with jenna and everyone else can just recognize and get it through their stupid fuckin brains. OK this is longer than it should be I don't know what it is but when I start typin i jus cant stop.

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bite my fucking brass muthafuckas. [04 Jul 2002|11:24pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Last night I got myself into a whole fuck load of trouble. But Haha oh man was it worth it! That racist fuck showed up with just him and two other guys. We had 6. And then me. The skinheads were all hanging out downtown and we were thinking about telling em about it.. but decided not to cause we figured the guy wasn't gonna show anyways. So we met up down near 3rd right next to the school. Actually right there in the parking lot where Dirty steve and Mike used to live. That fuckin close to everyone.. soo yeah. We wait and wait and wait and then finally they showed. the fuckers obviously regretted it. They walked up like we were gonna talk or some shit and i just fucking ran at em with my brass. I knocked the guy whose show it was in the mouth a few times and there was blood everywhere. That was some crazy fucking cracks I was hearing from his face.. Im pretty fuckin sure his teeth are now all gone :) OH BOO FUCKING HOO not his last 8 teeth!! HAha. The whole thing lasted like 30 seconds. It was us pounding the fuck out of them for 29 seconds and then finally they all wriggled away and took the fuck off. They didn't get any hits on us and didn't fuckin talk any shit. It was weird....... Very short.. but holy fuck was that sooo needed. I honestly didn't think they were gonna show and that there was going to be a fight and shit. But there was and I'm so glad we fucked those stupid asses up. Only thing I am worried about now is tht they have my number from me calling their show and shit. So i hope they can't somehow find out my addy and shit. Then I'Ll be fucked! but yeah so when they took off we did so as well in the opposite direction. we were smart and parked Back behind greyhound Bus Station. So we're tearing up 4th And CARYN! drives by. And it was sooo randomHaha. So the nIcks and i and Sam all jump in her car OUT OF NOWHEREand Kris Jay and Skyler took off down to Skylers car. I think we scared Caryn though cause we just like see her and scream and jumped in and we were just like telling her to drive. Haha it was like one of those crazy movies. So we go and get skyler and them at their car then come back here to get my Jenna baby!

And we all went and got some grubb at jack in the Box. Then go to the bar. FUn. Today I slept forever. Then had to go to work. Now I am home and Jenna is not.. Hmmm. i wonder where she went. Time to go make some food.

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FUCK NAZIS!! [03 Jul 2002|11:48pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

hmm so today Jenna and I went grocery shopping and then we went and did some laundry. It was soo fucking hot outside. So we came home and took a nice cold shower. Then I made her a really nice dinner of like zucchini lasagna stuff with meatless sauce and some garlic toast and salad. YUM!!

and then I was watching cable access and they fucking let this nazi fuck have his OWN SHOW. WHAT THE FUCK is that all about? He was all preaching his fucking hitler bullshit and white power crap. and I really honestly Can't understand how they let this shit be on the air?!!! I mean cable acces. I was in my right fuckin mind to walk my ass up to the studio cause it's only like a mile down the road. but Jenna didn't want me to go, SO i called and shit and completely bitched him out and I was getting ALL angry and wild and stuff and told him to die and shit. He was all talking about killing my "jew fucking nigger loving" ass so I told him where to meet me later tonight. I think he is dave haverlack's friend. i recognized him. So I am going to call up som epeople tonight and see if they want to go NAzi bashing WOO! I wouldn't be surprised if the fuckers brought guns and shit. Jenna is trying to convince me to not go but i am pretty sure they won't show anyways.So we'll see what goes down.

But just in case I Am bringing my knife and knuckles and shit. and I called up nick b and Nick c and Kris and some other people to let them know what was up.. and they're bringing bats and knives and shit too. SOoo we'll see how this goes.

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My whole week!! Jenna and Sex and lots of booze!! [02 Jul 2002|10:10pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Ok well somehow Jenna convinced me that I need a damn livejournal so here I am. Maybe so she could watch my ass and see what I am up to when she is not here haha! So If you are wondering why I added you it's because you were on Jennas list.

So yes. Jenna. I am sooooo fucking happy that my baby is here with me! I have got the bestest most smartest and fucking hottest girlfriend in the world! And she is allll mine!! I got to pick her up from the airport last week and I bought her flowers and everything and waited for her. When she got off the plane I damn near busted a fucking nut!! Haha sorry but it's true! She is sooo beautiful and she even put her hair up for me and everything and was wearing her hot black stretch jeans with patches and her belts and boots!! And she wore her cut up ABH shirt. GRRR!!! I think she wore that because she knows how hot she is in it!! What a tease :) I was kind of surprised they let her on the airplane like that but apparently they gave her no shit. OK OK I know I know. So I gave her the flowers and fucking JUMPED on her and we had the BIGGEST fucking makeout fest right there. So I was happy! Ok so after that I took her to souper Salad to get some veggie kind of foods cause she does not eat meat. Then we went to my apartment and drank some beer and had lots and lots of sex!

Then we went to Caryn and Brads house and just showed up unexpected and shit and they almost shit a brick. It was nice to see them both again. Craziest couple ever I swear.. skinheads and punks shouldnt date. I love them both though but yeah and Jenna got her belt and vest back so she was happy! Then we all went drinking and decided to go to some hardcore show downtown. Uhhh big mistake. Those fucking hardcore kids here are all stuck up. I miss living in places where there is actually a scene :( This one kid was being gay doing all this really retarded ninja shit and fucking hit Jenna in the face. and I mean HARD! I was about to rip his fucking head off but she picked the kid up by the collar and slammed him into a wall!!! It was the coolest thing i have EVER seen!!! My baby fucking rocks! I love her soooo much you guys have no idea!

Ok I thought if I got a livejournal I would not want to write in it but writing about Jenna makes this shit all easy. So I am sorry this is so long guys.

Next day we went to the Tattoo shop and eddy hooked us up soo good. zombie tattooss!! We both got one. And then later that night we went drinking again. And lots more making LOVE haha with my baby! That is actually how the whole week has gone.

I am so happy she is here. I think she is going to be here for my birthday, too. Which is on the 22. I am turning the big 2-2. Kind of scary. That i am this old and still doing all this shit like I am 16. but Whatever I am glad I have not fucking grown out of this shit like everyone else. OK this is so stupid and long now. Im going to go lay next to my baby and hold her!

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